About Us


ELKANA AMITAI CPA is a firm of Certified Public Accountants with an office located in The Galilee in Israel. The Firm was founded in 2018 by Elkana Amitai, CPA, MBA.

Over the years, our Firm has established a diverse client base from several segments of the business community. At the present time, our clients focus on the business of Bio pharma, High-tech, Crypto currency and foreign investment, amongst others.


It is indisputable that globalization is opening markets and eliminating barriers. In decades past, the words ‘transnational’, ‘multinational’, and ‘global’ were reserved for only the largest companies in the world; nowadays, even the smallest business can establish a presence overseas. As a reflection of the business community, our Firm currently services clients from North America, Europe, and the Middle-East. Our staff is ready to help you establish a presence overseas or in the United States.

Our firm provides services for public companies and companies that seek funds in the US and require presenting audited or reviewed financials. Companies who present their financials as part of SEC filing (S-1, F-10, 10K, etc.) must use an accountant that is registered under the PCAOB.

In order to provide the top level of quality in our services, we register under the PCAOB and take part in the peer review program.

Our firm is one of the elite firms in Israel who register under the PCAOB.

Elkana Amitai CPA is a full service accounting firm with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable and personalized service. We have developed a program of professional affiliations with the highest caliber of independent, professional consultants to provide you with a wide variety of services at fair prices rates.

Elkana Amitai- Audit Partner

The partner of the firm, Elkana Amitai, has many years of professional experience.
He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Israel and the state of New Hampshire.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. BA major of Accountancy.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. MBA major of Capital finance.